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Title Search Reports

Scrutiny of Title Deeds

Title Clearance Certificate

Documentations Land Acquisition

Legal Audit of Property

Title Deeds Verification

Preparations of Agreements

Deeds for Immovable Properties

Partition Suits

Investigation of Title

Notarization of Deeds

Transfer of Properties

Property Litigation

Preparations of Sale-Deeds

Rental Agreements

Legal Assistance for Property Matters

Laws Relating to Municipal Corporations

Bankruptcy Information

Legal Topics

Business and Corporate

Foreclosure Law

Civil Rights

Intellectual Property

Computers and Technology

Criminal Law


Personal Injury

Tax Law


Wills & Trusts

Real Estate Property Laws & Dispute Resolution

Medical Malpractice

Privacy Law

Sports and Entertainment

Securities-Related Litigation

Estate Planning

Joint Ventures, M&A / Private Equity

Identity Theft

Immigration Law

Insurance Law

International Law

Mediation and Arbitration

Admiralty and Maritime

Administrative Law

Auto Accidents

Antitrust Law

Commercial Law


Communications Law


Constitutional Law

Anti-trust & Competition

Anti-dumping, International Trade & WTO

Capital Markets & Securities Law

Corporate & Commercial/ FDI

Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration


Intellectual Property Rights

Aerospace & Defence

Banking & Finance

Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting

Infrastructure & Energy

Information Technology, E-Commerce, Outsourcing

Real Estate


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